Abandoned University

In the hallway of one new building.

I really liked this map of a utopian community.

It's 3D!

Jeez this place is old. This is just making me look bad for having taken so long to get here.

Getting through the campus is sort of like reliving the movie Stalker. Going one way or the other spells success or failure.

Infiltration or detection.

Kind of a double barber pole.

Least convincing "do not enter" sign ever.

Glad I didn't listen.

This reminds me of K-pop ten years ago, when it wasn't convinced of its own coolness and was very self-aware of its lameness.

In comparison, grace.

Old stereo equipment.

I didn't catch this conductor's name.

This room was for previews of music recordings, I guess. Or possibly small-scale recitals.

This photo was ruined by someone else walking in.

That's what I was trying to do.

How's this for tigers?

Shortly after that last picture was taken, Tyler and Ivan ran down from the roof claiming they'd seen security guards coming directly toward us. On the way out, we got a closer look at this building.

Over in the on-limits part, I got this sunset picture.

And we found another way in the Quonset hut.

This poorly photographed hole was hidden until I stepped in it, falling all the way in up to the part of my leg where my keys are pressed up against inside my pocket. I'm still walking it off the next day.

I hobbled over to the nearest barbecue restaurant, however.

Next: a long train ride back.

I needed to take a picture of my tiger shirt, which sustained damage in our hasty escape.

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