Sohn Kee Chung's Neighbourhood

It took me a bit of a walk from the bus stop to find the area. This was not it.

There it is. Right now it looks like it's all gone.

From inside the blanketed area.

Well, nice view at least.

The church is still active.

There are a few more houses down that way, behind the church. I could also see another larger building over the next ridge that had no windows.

Looking back the way I'd come.

Across the road, there's another neighbourhood that probably isn't too far away from this fate.

Up on that ledge to the right is an active schoolyard. At this time there was a soccer game going on.

This used to lead up to the schoolyard.

It's pretty torn up here.

Whenever I'm in an area like this, I always follow the heavy machinery tracks; if it can support their weight, it won't collapse under mine.

There used to be Hanoks here too.

Clearly Hanok wood.

Oh, then I found a whole other section of the area that's standing abandoned.

I saw someone standing on a roof far away from me.

No illegal dumping.

Not far away is an active building and a bus route.

There seemed to be a lot of scooters and motorbikes in the area.

Another sign warning of the four great societal evils, which Jacco was able to discover are school violence, domestic violence, sexual violence, and spoiled food. Also, it took me way too long to take this picture without a tripod and capture the flashing light.

Along the edge, blankets are going up.

I can't quite decipher this, but I have a feeling it's partly not my fault.

This one I can at least read the words better, but a lot of the meaning evades me.

This one I understand, though I plan to disobey next time I go back.

Inside an abandoned sauna.

The smokestack on the roof.

Looking through a smashed out window.

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