Halloween at Club Spot

Dominika's costume was simple: her, but with her throat slashed. Trash appears to be a drunk stewardess, and the Yuppie Killer guys were legitimately debuting their new look.

Nice costume, Jae.

Jesse went as a douchebag. Apparently earlier in the evening someone complimented him on his Tapout wear.

Catwoman and Batman-Begins Scarecrow?

With the lighting from below, Jesse becomes a spoooky douchebag.

I really didn't worry much about live photos this night. Here's the Mixedfits.

I never did figure out the deal about that cutout.

I told Ken to just go as the guy from Homeland.

I honestly don't know what this costume is supposed to be. Long reddish hair and beard, sunglasses, love motel bathrobe, and drinking milk out of the carton?

Their costume is obvious. French people.

The door guy had a costume too.

This guy is from Full Garage. The whole band showed up in theme costumes.

This is either Burning Hepburn in Halloween 2012, or <>.

Well they do call themselves Anonymous, don't they?

Not the cleanest place to sit in your white chicken costume.

Time for some Mixedfits action.

I could only get two members by this point.

Back inside for more fuel.

And here's Full Garage. They're formed with one ex-member of Gum-X, same as Yellow Monsters, but I enjoyed these guys a bit more.

Yeah, that...kind of makes sense.

And there's UEey the Clown, the world's second most popular urbex clown.

But also probably the world's biggest. Oh and I checked, and this isn't a perfect match to John Wayne Gacy.

Rounded up another Mixedfit.

All four!

Take two.

With extra clown action!

First time I said hi to Yumi this night, she didn't recognise me under the mask.

Time for Yuppie Killer. Iain's Yongjun costume was a hit.

Or wait, that's Iain.

They handed out glowsticks to everyone.

This Russell-Brand-looking dude was just getting demolished in the pit. At one point

when he collapsed next to me, I told him if he survived the show I'd buy him a shot...of Morgan's special flavoured liquors.

He didn't make it to the end of the set before some guys safely escorted him outside.

This picture is the Family Guy of Halloween costumes.

I met a lumberjack with an unconvincing beard.

And a sexy squid.

Next, to the noraebang.

This douchebag did most of the singing.

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