Rescue Mission

Overlooking Yeonnam-dong.

Looking toward Hongdae. I really need to reedit this with a better version of Photoshop.

I believe it was here that my tripod disintegrated, nearly sending my camera over the ledge.

What most people know as Hongdae.

A bit further out for slightly more context.

The roof of an abandoned building.

Being up here feels like being on a ship.

We found a restaurant in Yeonnam-dong that's open through the night, so we could have some chicken and beer at 4am.

We always could have gotten convenience store foods.

Caught it just before it went down. PS) Excellent thing about this article: they spell their own name wrong.

Up on the Rinnai Building just before sunrise.


They've been scrapping all the stuff up on the roof.

Heading down. I don't know if her nose was red from the cold or from drinking all night.

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