Behind Deoksugung

This picture wouldn't be so weird if it weren't for that banner for the Seoul Photography Festival.

I'd heard about these statues before.

There must've been a sign explaining the ratio to stretch them out to, but this was my guess and they still look like gnomes.

Even though it was raining these paintings were arranged along the wall.

The front gate of Deoksugung, and what look like I'm guessing Chinese tourists.

And I figured I might as well see the area from above.

I just realised I have a job interview in one of those buildings tomorrow.

Looking toward City Hall, there's a camera looking back at me.

Shortly after this, some workers came out and smoked by the door, so I was trapped up here.

This part of the roof doesn't have much room.

I spent my time waiting by taking pictures of this sign. I couldn't decide whether I liked this one

or this one more. I like the nice sunset under our current dreary predicament.

They're gone. Time to go down.

Inside the building.

As always, there were police in front of the palace.

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