Right in the main front gate, it looks very Expoey.

I'm curious what's in the green building. It looks like it says "energy" on the roof.

So yes, "glamping" is a thing. I'd just heard about it on the latest episode of American Dad but figured it was a throwaway Seth McFarlane joke.

EZ Glamping with the Jawas.

And there's the roller coaster.

This front gate of the park seems inocuous enough.

It's been closed for quite a while.

Woo, a yellow plastic chain!

We got in and were quickly spotted by a guard on a bike. He kindly pointed us back in the direction we came.

I took this on the way out and he didn't seem to mind.

Oh, I guess this is what's going on in the green building.

The turtle ship in the dry pond.

Sharks for some reason.

A chairlift or gondola station, no longer active.

We found this miniature town for driving practice.

Tteokbokki restaurant.




And we got quite close to the fence blocking off the amusement park.

This is what a duck skeleton looks like.

That Ferris wheel does look like it's in bad shape.

These cars must've been part of the original display. Not looking so new now. Oddly the bus is less commonly seen on the roads nowadays.

A map of the course.

This theatre is still in use.

One of the main Expo buildings.

We saw a woman come out of the doors here, so we decided to wander in.

Up on the second floor there was an entire science exhibition, clearly kept up to date, clearly not entirely operational, and clearly not frequently visited.

Looks like some of those pesky urban explorers have been at it again.

I'm trying to figure out if this image is part of a Korean fable.

I'm pretty certain this one is.

Hydrogen car.

Still doing a good job of promoting retro-'90s futurism.

The human wang.

I kind of wish we found a way up to the catwalks.


No need for fake tilt-shift at all.

We found this earthquake machine. When you turn it up to 9, it shows a simulation of skyscrapers collapsing, elevated roadways crumbling with manned cars being tossed around, and other traumatising imagery.

Back out in the park, we found a section with old coin-operated rides.

And animals.

This kids' area looked pretty fun.

It took us a while to figure this out. It's Archimedes shouting "Eureka!"

More science people.

I actually can't remember who he is.

The Wigsphere.

Quite a lot of stores were still open and fully staffed and stocked, despite a sad lack of visitors.

I didn't get any closer to the main gate to the abandoned amusement park.

A map of the whole area.

Time for sunset.

Back to the hotel.

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