Kumdori Land

Enough mascots?

Some of the rides.

A closer look at the Ferris wheel.

And now a farther look at it.

Bumper cars.

The light was getting brighter quickly.

Roller coaster.

Interesting to note: you are allowed to pregnant here. This sign must predate a later lawsuit.

The morning was the perfect time to photograph this carousel.

Another roller coaster.

A kiwi ride of some kind.

Old cars, like what I've previously seen at Woncheon and Songdo.

I was hoping to find a haunted house, but no such luck.

I stuck to the northern edge of the property because it seemed less exposed. Sure enough, just a bit ahead I spotted the security guard on his bike, around maybe 7:50am. I stood very still and he just rode by, not noticing me. I waited a couple minutes then flung myself over the fence back into familiar territory from yesterday.

I thought I saw a police car. Turned out it was pirate cops.

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