2013 Korea Japan Punk Festival

I showed up in order to get lunch at the barbecue.

Trash and Yumi seemed to do most of the work.

And then there were cops.

And E-daeng.

First band I saw was Heimlich County Gun Club, missing Full Garage who started the show.

Next was Oi! Resolute.

Victor brought his daughter. He and a lot of the other hardcore guys had been at Kang Junsung's wedding across the street.

The first time I've seen punks in Korea dressed up so much.

Though most of them were Japanese.

Although some of the Koreans put in a bit of extra effort for old time's sake. Sharon told me she did E-daeng's hair.

Look and Listen.

Kiseok showed up from the wedding and I took this accidental zoom of his chest.

What I'd been going for.

Next is Dead Buttons, which has become a two-piece band.

I had to ask Kiseok if that was a rum and Coke.

Jinseok jumped on stage for one song to do a version of "Skaholic."

I went to the hotel next door to see if there was a good roof. There wasn't.

Back at the new location of the barbecue.

Redboi put in his eyes.

This is Beer Belly, the first of the Japanese bands.

Two-fisting his beers.

I gave them a bit of grief for not actually having beer bellies.

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