2013 Korea Japan Punk Festival Part 2

I didn't see much of the Veggers.

A random candid I happened to get where the light was good.

Here's someone who's no stranger to this festival. However, Jongo's recently left Attacking Forces and joined ...Whatever That Means. I was pretty surprised.

The normal ...Whatever That Means people.

At first I thought this was some bizarre lineup of the Erections with Korean musicians filling in on some positions. E-Daeng is definitely Korean, and he wouldn't be on stage with a Japanese band, would he? Would he? Turns out this was Return Bois.

If you think there are too many pictures of E-daeng, have I got bad news for you.

My first visit to Prism, that hotel didn't exist yet.

Okay, this is the Erections.

And E-daeng's back on stage.

Having a bit of trouble with the microphone.

Looks like he's getting off the stage now.

Or, taking point in the corner.

Well, this upholds the stereotype that Japanese people are very courteous.

Dori the Explorer.

And here's Dori with the groom of the day.

When Junsung saw me with my camera, he rushed over and asked me to take a picture of him with his bride. Remember what I mentioned last gallery: they just got married today across the street.

Foolishness, who were probably my favourite band musically of the night. .

Their bassist was awesome.

Looks like someone else's flash.

And look who's trying to ooze his way back on stage.

He was using the bottle as a microphone.

Even his wife wanted her picture taken with him.

And here's the cutoff point for the second of three galleries. What happens next? Stay tuned.

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