2013 Korea Japan Punk Festival

Enter the Kenderdrome.

Next band was 100 Blossom Club. Their lineup has changed significantly, with two different members.

Byungjin and Ken do not look happy with this picture, but Geordi LaForge there is pretty pleased with himself.

Next...is this going to be Find the Spot unplugged?

No, note the cast. It seems these days our scene is very accident-prone.

After numerous Japanese punks as brightly coloured as some tropical fish, Changeun was...a change of pace. They were the only hardcore band of the show, and they proved a welcome addition.

Even if Changeun broke down masturbating on stage.

I included this picture just to show how variable the lighting is in Prism. I think this is the only picture where I actually got a colour change.

That's one helluva band picture.

Time for 00Squad.

Except E-daeng is somehow in the band.

Suffering some difficulties with the strap.

Here's your bass back.

Straps are for chumps.

I'm not a musician by any means, but I'm pretty sure this is not how you play bass.

Meanwhile, there's an actual show going on.

I'd already decided long before this point that E-daeng was the MVP of the festival.

Time to go.

And now this is Burning Hepburn.

I wanted to give Trash her choice of the best.

In case you want to hide your face.

And I believe we've transitioned into Skasucks, which features another surprise addition, Goyang from Billy Carter on keyboard. Also, another apparent strap failure.

This guy hunkered down against the stage and lit up a cigarette.

The smoke certainly confused the people on stage, as this is a no-smoking venue.

Also, there were a lot of people dancing just to my right.

Looks like someone else's flash again.

And another Moses takes the stage without overstaying his welcome.

Sissiest stage-diving photo ever.

Meanwhile, outside.

Last band of the night: Discocks, plus E-daeng.

Sharon is really enjoying watching her husband goof off on stage. I hope she still is.

Spot Redboi among the brush.

The night ended with a group photo with nobody looking in my direction.

Except some of them.

Ken sees me.

Some of the Japanese punks.

Fortune-telling! Prediction: you won't remember taking this picture.

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