Retro 2012 nostalgia: Gangnam

Some work was being done on the church clocktower next to my home. Don't get electrocuted up there!

This roof has a nice looking garden on top.

A look north on Teheran-no.

Looking back into the neighbourhood off the road where a lot of the businesses are.

This picture ended up being the most dangerous one I took the whole visit, due to the surprise of that sloped surface at the edge.

The rooftop proper where anyone is allowed to go is below me.

Looking down on the main intersection.

I chose this roof of them all because of this rudder that was up there. Why didn't I whip out the pirate flag?

Getting a bit darker.

Wouldn't mind doing that one next.

Getting better.

Next stop is the Big Rock Brewery, somewhere down there.

Text message received from Jaeeun.

Time to go down.

Trying to decide between Grasshopper and Warthog. She needed to drink from each of them several times and still couldn't decide.

I chose Warthog so she would drink the Grasshopper.

Over at Maloney's.

That looks like Brendan Maloney in the mirror.

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