Ken's Night Off

I only got one picture of the Dead Gakkahs worth sharing.

A slumbering beast begins to stir.

This was Hong Gu's first of two sets for the night.

It was more crowded than it looks if you count the stage area and outside.

Misawa is about ready to start.

As predicted, the first song started and Tel launched himself off the stage.

Looks like I caught a bit of Dirk Schlottmann's flash.

Apparently someone broke a bottle or glass on the floor, and Tel being barefoot retreated onto the stage for the rest of the set. Now we know your secret weakness!

Not much sharp about this picture, but I find the strands from his mask mesmerising.

I wouldn't have posted this one were it not for some unintentional phallic juxtapositioning.

All in all, this was probably the best exposed picture of their set.

Looks like this luchadore is almost down for the count.

Next up, Yuppie Killer, possibly the loudest band in Korea. Not sure how to measure such a thing, and they have a lot of competition for that title, but still a shot.

Their drummer recently bought this awesome lion shirt, which is the exact same style as my own tiger shirt, right down to the weird wispy smoke or web background. But has his lion shirt ever been admired by 100 000 cultists all at once? Does it have matching underwear? And does he have a friend to share in its glory?

Okay, one creepy troll picture before we get going.

Busting out some of Victor's dance moves, though missing the teeth grit.

Still Iain, but this move to stage right signifies the coming of K-Rampus.

With Yongjun on drums.

(If this is too much for you, you ain't seen nothing yet.)

And Hong Gu on vocals.

This band seems like it would be kind of a side project band with guys all from other better-known bands playing different instruments than usual. But Hong Gu turned out to be a surprisingly great frontman.

Long rehearsal so I went outside and fuck yeah, lion shirt!

Back inside for K-Rampus, whom I later urged to consider a festive costume.

At first Hong Gu just seems like he's goofing around.

Once he got going, I was impressed.

He tended to lunge around the stage, staying low, and would frequently pass very near to me, so I just stuck my camera out and shot these from beneath.

I really enjoy whatever's happening to his body in this one.

Looks like he's doing a Find the Spot cover, if you know what I mean.

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