Ken's Night Off

Can you Find the Spot? It's hidden somewhere in these photos.

Now I know who those Yangbantal masks are modeled after.

I was sitting on the stairs for this whole set, and being farther away did different things to the compression of people different distances from me.

It's official: Tel has a leg for an arm.

Youjin cornered me on the stairs and showed off her tattoos.

What does it for me with this photo is the zombie pose in the lower right.

Chris only just notices the hole in Tel's pants.

Drop kick!

Tel found the spot! Now their set can be over!

Next is Scumraid, who I hear recently completed a 7" and have been looking for a label to release it on.

Thanks to a characteristically long sound check I was able to get some good pictures of Juyoung.

It looks like a black commie is trying to ooze his way onto stage.

Finally, Scumraid starts.

He's Edaenging their set.

Now here's My Man Mike.

Ken looks like he came here straight from the Tower of David.

And he brought a friend.

A ton of my pictures taken in the pit with these two blurred due to lack of lighting for my camera to focus.

At least we have this.

He really isn't wearing much, is he?

Want to see more of My Man Mike's set?


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