My Trip to New York

The sparkling clean, empty subway into New York.

Walking through Central Park.

The Tri-Bowl, which...I don't know what it's for.

I love art deco architecture.

Up on a roof terrace 29 floors up.

There's NEATT, the second-largest incomplete highrise in all of Korea.

There's me.

The Tri-Bowl from overhead.

Sunset comes early due to a thick coat of smog.

The Brooklyn Bridge.

A tower of traditional American masks in front of NEATT.

This was the building I was just on. You can see the part I was in on the upper left.

Nobody out today, probably due to the high pollution levels.

I headed over toward these buildings, wondering if I could see inside any of them.

The one on the left, no.

This one, yes.

Roof toothbrushes.

Not exactly a successful photomerge, but it took my computer 20 minutes to render so you're gonna look at it.

Oh look, I think I see someone on that roof watching me. Romain John?

Upon zooming in, I determined that it was just a tree.

Darkness is falling.

This picture was taken through dirty glass.

The only dirty glass this one was taken through was my lens.

That bridge was the most-lit-up thing down there.

Now time for some boutique New York shopping.

And to try a popular New York delicacy, Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

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