New York

I paid 35 000 won for a pretty acceptable motel room. I guess they're desperate due to the place no longer being a tourist destination.

The hallway.

The elevator had a lot of decoration.

Very convenient to the airport.

There's Manhattan, or Songdo or whatever, in the distance.

And there's the Statue of Liberty. I don't recall Ellis Island being shaped like a love motel.

Very Oslo-themed.

I went up to the door of the plane, but there was no way in.

Somehow this typo has been common lately. Took me a few days to figure out it's "trading."

Heading toward the Statue of Liberty.

Pretty glamorous love motels around here.

The Sun is close to rising.

Here's how it looks in the daytime.

Turned out the pollution that day was abnormally high.

I checked out around noon. And went on a walk.

A very ghetto fence incorporating a bike.

Looking back toward the Oslo.

One of those vendor trucks with the speakers on all day.

This dog didn't like me stopping in front of its building.

I took this picture while trying to find the train station. Turns out I'd walked less than halfway.

I found this neighbourhood on a slope.

At the train station.

Back in Seoul.

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