The first time I saw snow this winter, I came outside and saw it melting away on some tree branches.

Second time, it was a pretty serious snowstorm.

I decided to head up into the mountain behind my home.

On the way up.

Visibility was very low. I was barely able to see these homes through the trees.

And there's the billboard concealing an anti-aircraft fortification.

Sometime around now, I heard the first thunderclap.

There are lots of little paths back here.

This one leads down to Morene.

The only picture I risked getting of the base. Somewhere back there I could hear soldiers shovelling snow.

Nobody else had been up here all day.

Here's all the gym equipment.

The storm let up a bit and I could see buildings further in the distance.

Walking on the ridge between my neighbourhood and the main part of Yeonhui-dong.

There's the monument to the ROK marine corps who captured this mountain during the retaking of Seoul.

You can see the monument a bit better here.

I descended into Yeonhui-dong and decided to try to get to those taller buildings across the way for rooftop pictures.

Looks like the car may have slid a bit there.

On the way, I think I identified the street Chun Doo-hwan lives on, though I didn't take pictures because of all the guards.

Anyway, up on the roof.

This almost reminds me of cabins in the Rocky Mountains.

That one house looks very western.

Pigeons were leaving tracks right when I came out.

Looking toward Yonsei.

Without the weird perforated metal roof thing.

An interesting thing on the roof of this place. I was wondering if it was some sort of prefab home.

A pretty old apartment building.

Time to head down.

The snow started up again, as did the thunder and lightning.

A welcoming restaurant over by the supermarket.

A white microvan in the snow. I recently learned that this model is being retired.

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