Santa Claus Conquers the Koreans

Korean chimneys are extra skinny.

Setting up another.

Mrs Claus also has a beard.

Getting ready for the next one.

During the shooting of this scene, we lost the sunset glow.

Nice old building with lots of vines.

And some kind of purple flower.

We were setting up for another shot when a construction company employee kicked us out.

So we went to a nearby rooftop for a view of the area. It's mostly demolished now. The small grouping of buildings on the right is where Santa was sighted.

Someday I'll stitch together all the panoramas I've been shooting.

A closer look at the last remaining part.

And this very steep section.

Here comes Santa Claus again.

Santa finds it weird how close these sports facilities are to abandoend buildings.

We also used the roof to scout out how we were going to get to a restaurant.

I also need to get to a copy of Photoshop where I can use the Transform function.

Mrs Claus was more interested in making rooftop snow designs.

Much much more interested.

Finally we made it to Burger B's.

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