Yongma Land

We looked for lunch in Woorim Market, right at the foot of the mountain.

2500 won for some pretty decent kalguksu.

She was more into the food than she looks.

We met the owner of Yongma Land, who gave us a tour of the incomplete construction site next door, which would have been a sports center.

He was a surprisingly friendly guy.

We went up on the roof of the active building, which we discovered is open and accessible to people who are there with permission. They even have wa shrooms.

Here's the section behind that building with the really old rides that are in the worst shape.

And here's Santa again.

And his elf.

I actually flinched because I thought she was really going to throw it.

This was one of the first things I thought of when I got the Santa suit.

This train had previously derailed but was back on the rail now.

This was fun to make.

This was just frustrating to make.

Santa Claus conquers the disco.

She got stuck in this one.

She really liked this pig for some reason.

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