Mad Professor 2013

Just 20 minutes earlier, Smiley had said he wouldn't be performing at all.

Enjoying the colours of the equipment lights.

Here comes Mad Professor.

The place was pretty full.

An interesting effect caused by holding my hand over the flash.

Then Jang Goon came out.

I stepped outside for some air quickly.

After the show, I slipped backstage.

I think I was the only person he met who had been at the 2004 show as well.

"No ska people allowed!"

Or not.

A Ninano Nanda picture.

Well, it's the perfect exposure for Mad Professor at least.

And Jang Goon doesn't look a day older than when I first met her.

Cakeshop is located at the tip of Itaewon, facing Noksapyeong Station, under Suji's.

We went out for chicken after.

I think I like this picture of Ninano Nanda better.

At one point, Jang Goon demonstrated Arirang for Mad Professor by singing the first notes of three different versions. People in the restaurant were pretty surprised.

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