Dongdaemun on Christmas

I notice here and there that there were workers standing out guarding Dong Cult Park.

The front entrance to Dongdaemun Church. From what I undersand, the church is being torn down to extend parkland.

The protest was still there.

And inside.

This room was very dark. Don't be fooled by 25-second exposures.

The guard shack was occupied but I never saw anyone inside.

And the protest from above.

When I first saw this stained glass window section it surprised me.

I couldn't get onto any exterior part, so this was taken out a window.

The park that's going to be expanded was built on the former location of Ewha Hospital.

This building only recently reopened, and now it's very well lit up. Also, one of the saucer-shaped structures in this picture is where this was taken.

Another Dong Cult Park guard.

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