This towering cop guards the western entrance to downtown.

Police gathered on the corner in front of the Gyunghyang building, where a lot of stuff went down recently.

More police at the foot of this giant moving statue.

Mobile police barriers.

The Geeks are playing here! Too bad it was the hip-hop Geeks.

Gwanghwamun was quiet at this point.

Riot police everywhere.

Just like at the mad cow protests, parents brought their kids during the daytime. Though they could have just as easily been here for skating too.

Front steps of old City Hall.

And skating.

Front steps of old City Hall.

Front entrance to new City Hall.

And skating.

Street in front of President Hotel.

And skating.

I hoped to get around this way. No dice.

And up on the rooftop. You can see what appears to be a person in red on the rooftop in the lower left.

A more unimpeded view, just as the candlelight vigil starts. The skating rink was being cleaned.

And then very courteous hotel staff came and removed me.

Down on the street, I met up with some of my punk friends and we wandered around together for a bit. Down one street, we saw a lot of noise, and then the lead singer of one of the hardcore bands appeared, saying "We won our first battle with the cops."

Heading north toward Cheonggyecheon.

I figured the ultimate goal would be Gwanghwamun, which was closed off to traffic.

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