Ahyeon Overpass

Walking up from the Chungjeongno side.

There was still some chalk art on the road.

Looking over the side.

And green light.

You can see a traffic cop down there. There were quite a few on duty so we had to keep our heads down.

The overpass going under our overpass. I wonder if this will be demolished too.

He thought to bring his tripod.

The furniture street.

Then I set the camera up a little farther, right before the final curve.


Back at the Chungjeongno side, the lone security guard.

From the underpass.

Another day, I started from the Sinchon side, and there were no workers at all.

They began digging into the deck of the overpass. This is above one of the massive columns. I think maybe they're going to try to remove other parts of the road and pour them down here, into what will probably be a hole for removing it into trucks below.

From a nearby overpass.

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