Totoro's Neighbourhood

A photo booth in the station. The woman in the lower right corner is familiar to anyone who has used the men's washroom at SKKU.

I found it interesting how the wall was just leaning against the building. It almost looked like it was erected but hadn't hardened yet, and just leaned over slightly until it was pressing against the building.

We went into one place and someone was rummaging around. I called out and there was no reply. Suddenly this cat rocketed past us, leapt off the next roof and barely made it to the next one, then ran down the stairs all the way to the front exit, all in about 15 seconds. For a fat, slow cat, it was pretty impressive.

One odd picture I'm assuming of a hotel room. Why even take this?

There's my friend Totoro.

I tried to reshoot this.

And this.

Totoro brought me up to the roof.

We found these glasses in the same house that had the cupping kit. My best guess is this gadget serves as a light source.

The streetlights were still on.

This one's back at the evictee headquarters.

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