Hitting the Slopes

We hiked out onto the ski slopes again.

Without Nels:

It's interesting how Korean chairlifts are divided by difficulty level. At most of the ski resorts in Alberta, there's almost always a beginner course down, even from the most extreme lifts.

Emergency stop button.

Nels remarked on how well the mountain was framed in this window so I took the shot.

Roof of the ski lodge.

Looking up the green lift.

Next: pink.

They had doubtlessly terrible food.

Oh look, the red lift still has chairs hooked up.

That's a lot of pink.

So I guess it closed in 2006.

Not as funny as "not allowed to pregnant."

We returned to the resort at golden hour.

The car was gone and I found an unleashed guard dog cowering by the office.

He followed me out.

Click for a full panorama.

Nels was able to track me down inside.

The guard dog came to see us off.

The other guard dog was chained up. He was friendly too.

Bye, guard dogs!

Move or we'll back over you.

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