Room of Death

After I read the article about this area and figured out where it was, I came back and jumped the gate. They were packing up the interior walls.

Around here in front of me is where TBS eFM used to stand. It had a basement so I don't quite understand what I'm standing on.

Not sure if that was a floor or wall or what.

Since my first visit at the start of this page, one Friday work shift has passed.

My attempt to duplicate the media picture without being able to use a fisheye.

More stuff.


Next, sweating, I went to Kyobo Bookstore, where there was a report a particularly pro-nazi edition of Mein Kampf was on shelves. It was gone and replaced.

On my way out, I passed a kids' version of the Talmud.

Then a stop by Paradis.

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