Zandari Festa Days 0 and 1

Zandari started off with Singaporean hip-hop group CampFire.

From the roof of Steel Face I noticed the Hello Kitty Cafe was closed.

I went inside for Soul Train.

They were good but the lighting was not flattering enough for pictures.

Then I went to Evans to see Aseul.

Then I wandered looking for the next place and found Crapizz.

I ran into some French guys. The one on the left was with the French government, supporting French bands playing Zandari.

This is Vadou Game, an African-French funk band that was excellent.

This was from their (very long) sound check.

Now here's the actual show.

Then it was over to Gogos2 to see Arlo Maverick and his band.

They had four singers, which was difficult to photograph in this lighting and reminded me sort of of Johnny Royal.

Arlo is the one on the left. I went to high school with him, one grade ahead, and am pretty certain I saw him perform back then.

During Arlo's set, I ran back and forth between Gogos2 and FF so I could see Eshe perform with ...Whatever That Means.

After Eshe and WTM, I ran back to Gogos2 and was lucky enough to catch Arlo and his band, promising to impress them with a Korean meal. I initially planned to go to a regular barbecue place, but one of the guys requested no pork. So, charcoal dakgalbi came to mind.

As luck would have it, we found a place right in the middle of the area, down in the corner of the parking lot street with all the best Korean restaurants.

I honestly don't remember why everyone is standing.

Group photo!

I took this sometime later.

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