Chuseok Day 1

We found this one cafe that seemed to be closed, where a cafe cat sat at the window looking out at a stray friend or foe.

A protest sign.

Arlo Maverick and what remains of his band, which is called HFO. I admit I made the joke at the time, "white men can't jump" but nobody heard me, or at least let me know they had.

A little better.

Large parts of the neighbourhood have been removed.

Most didn't want to go down here.

He did. Actually it turned out he was Afghani-Canadian.

I got everyone to a spot where I had a strong feeling would be perfect for a group photo.

This is what I was going for.

It looks like they all have their favourite poses.

Jay puts a little less thought into it.

The two of us jumped into the building next door. We ended up discovering a homeless guy sleeing in the stairwell and beat a hasty retreat.

Out in the twisty alleys and stairwells of Sogeum-gil that not too long ago were touted as a tourist attraction.

At the top of the wave.

Just one arch.

Natalie and Arlo head our way.

We regrouped downtown, where there was a pro-authoritarian religious event happening.

This time we went for pork.

Jay gets free CDs from K-Riz and Arlo!

Then we retired to my roof which I -- as a fellow prairie-dweller -- knew would blow them away, even if it made them a little scared.

And there's Seoullo 7017 on this side.

They were up for group photos up here.

This is a weird banner I saw on my way home.

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