Yongsan Base

Hartell House

Okay, no trespassing.

A sort of panorama.

This is the exact sort of view I came in here hoping to see. It has such well-known landmarks of Seoul, but the foreground is so alien, both the houses and the landscaping style.

I think this was for a church.

There's Dragon Hill Lodge.

So I couldn't throw things out here.

One of a couple stray cats we saw.

The buildings in the foreground apparently are Japanese-era.

Here's Samia in front of her old school.

The swimming pool.

The sports field, with Dragon Hill Loedge behind.

Not sure what the deal is with all the trees. One thing I'd been looking forward to seeing was the residential part with the highrises in the distance.

There are many playgrounds here.

Street names.

This is a typical duplex residence.

This is aroudn where Samia lived, although when she lived here they didn't have that cubic Death Star in the background.

She talked about one of these trees being important to her but I can't say which one.

The landscaping with these flat slopes everywhere is very different from the rest of Seoul.

A wide open area with highrises in the distance.

That traditional structure peaking up over there is apparently related to the Moonies.

A big field.

Click for larger version.

Apparently they redeveloped part of the area at some point for helicopters to land.

Another panorama.

Catching up. That cube building I think is AmorePacific headquarters.

Apparently these shrines are authentic and came from a grave.

I think someone tried painting over them.

Small town Seoul.

And the cubic Death Star.

I wish I cropped this one right.

Another historic site on base.

Jihoon sheds some light.

Recent fire damage.

Apparently this is where Samia got her musical career start.

A USO building.

I think she said she used to go to church here.

An old building.

Jihoon points to the stairs which once led to a shrine.

One of the main headquarters buildings, with a cannon pointed right at it.

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