RASKB Business and Culture Club Returns to Sewoon Sangga

One part of the Dasi Sewoon project has been this catwalk under the third-floor main deck. It's new and sterile compared to the rest of the structure, offering what seem to be coworking spaces as well as modern washrooms.

We wandered through the atrium. One participant remarked this seemed like a prison.

From the roof, we overlooked the underdeveloped surrounding area, and I spotted this one three-storey brick building with a surprisingly out-of-place Qing Cross.

I quickly shot this on the way out, curious what they had to say about the extensive glass floor display under Sewoon Plaza which ate up a lot of room that could have been used for living people.

I was asked what the Chinese characters for Sewoon were, and found out shortly after when I was on my own.

A classic example, elsewhere, of why Korean square corners don't fit Korean landscape.

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