Music Festival at Undisclosed Location

With the Yongsan Legacy first couple.

Kyung on the left, the Korea Times Yongsan Legacy columnist, had spilled beer or Coke on his girlfriend's dress. So in apology he showed up with two chili dogs, which when it comes to stains, is really doubling down.

Chili dogs. They tasted very American.

There was a samulnori performance which took a while to find their seats.

A number of people whose professions and employers I won't name are assembled on the barracks for what is probably a good view.

That's where samulnori belongs, on the stage. If you get up and move around, you're pungmul.

Left is Jackie Park, who started his USFK music career in 1959 and made a name for himself playing country music for the troops. On the right is Kim Dong-seok.

He's a short guy. He was on a stage but almost felt eye-level with me.

A pleasantly pseudo-Appalachian background.

A group photo after.

I took a candid shot of this one woman sitting there, not quite sure yet who she was.

Time for Crux to play some metal.

All the best pictures I got were of the guitarist.

I risked a glance backward to show the festival setting.

There's the YSL crew.

The community center was mostly closed, but it had a food court with a number of restaurants I wish I could've sampled, including a Pizza Hut which I'm told is different from civilian Pizza Hut here, and bowling.

I am always amused to see families and children watching metal or other such music.

Still out.

Turns out the woman leaning at the side of the stage was Binna from Ishtar.

Apparently Ishtar experimented with mixing heavy metal with opera, before discovering that operatic metal already existed. I found this all out the day after this picture was taken.

Turns out The Korea Times is available for free here.

The main entrance is pretty impressive. This isn't where we went through; this is the entrance for presidents when they want to fly out of Korea.

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