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Enemy House

I can see my home from here.

This is the Enemy House. The one on the left is older than the one on the right.

I stopped by downtown during the day, and went by the tents set up by the far-right-wing party occupying Gwanghwamun.

Later, a closer look.

And the other house.

This is the front gate.

There was stuff littered out front, and lots of bushes cut down.

Looking in the front door, there were some unusual patterns.

There were lots of books inside. I'm told some of these were quite valuable.

There were also some pretty old newspaper clippings.

In case you want to read.

This weird little addition actually connected both buildings under a roofed passageway.

Inside the newer house.

There were all sorts of papers inside. This one mixes Korean and Japanese in ways I'm unfamiliar with.

This note caught my eye, considering the English words starting and ending it.

We believe these were the occupants, likely father and daughter.

It had likely been a mess for who knows how long. I feel bad I didn't get in earlier.

A hallway, still in the newer building.

Looking out the front door of the newer building.

An interesting circular window.

I went around behind the main building, looking for stairs up to the second floor.

"How to Win Friends"

Other side of a circular window.

The upper level was beyond my knowledge.

The floor mats are called tatami mats; my friends are better at explaining why that's significant.

Another addition to the back of the newer house.

Fishing gear.

More newspaper.

It was harder than it looks to photograph this.

An outdoor attachment.

Drinks, probably belonging to the workers.

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