Dongducheon Foreign Language High School

Seen from under the overpass at Hongje.

This highrise complex is in the Eunpyeong New Town area. The yellow flags in some windows are complaints about construction noise or something.

Gijachon Church, the closest thing to an authentic reminder of the village that used to be here.

This was taken through a gate looking toward where the populated area used to be, but there were a lot of Christians around so I didn't stick around.

Somewhere on the way to Dongducheon.

I passed by this huge redevelopment zone where all that remained was a hill with a tree in the middle.

Here's a group photo of the four of us from the RASKB with the stuents who attended our event. My name is on the wall because they separated everyone into three groups after and people talking with me stayed in this room.

Steve announces a donation of books for the DFL library.

It was Friday so the students were boarding buses that would take them home to be with their families, rather than spending the weekend in the dormitory.

One final look.

Meanwhile, over in the ville nearby.

I believe the painter of this image also did a similar upright one near Seoul Station.

Oh look, two keys for some reason.

There's the reason.

This place was closed down but someone was inside so I didn't get closer.

Passing through Uijeongbu I passed this church, which has enough design features in common that I'm pretty sure it was either designed by Kim Swoo-geun or ripping him off.

My cats left me a barf stain in the shape of a cat.

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