Ttukseom Resort

I pulled off the road when I saw this building.

I went around looking for a way to get in. There was a lot more ground-floor security here, especially for an abandoned neighbourhood.

Stuck in an alley behind buildings.

I got into an abandoned office.

Looking back the other way.

One floor up.

Looking out the back, I could see the shape of the area. The whitish officetel to the upper left is also abandoned.

I could see a slide on the roof of that place.

The butt goats are out.

Lots of "removal" graffiti.

The front gate of this place was caved in and the first section of stairs are chopped up.

Part of the wall is destroyed.

Not sure what this is.

Another look at the hole in the wall.

And there's the slide.

Roof pots.

I think they used to put a dog in here.

A wild pokemon.

A large wooden wardrobe abandoned.

The new building was reflecting sunlight at me.

I slipped and fell while taking this picture.

This is the ledge. Somehow I wasn't hurt at all.

A hole into an office.

Lots of metal.

Click for full size.

This is in the officetel.

The view was nice but I had to climb up about 13 flights.

Here's what I just walked through.

Click for full size.

The front door was challenging to get through.

An emergency button. It looks like it's still functional.

Looking up at the surveillance camera.

Concrete hanging from iron.

Lots of paint.

Here's a warehouse not far away that's up for sale.

This market is at the border of an abandoned neighbourhood, but it looks like it'll survive.

The remains of that neighbourhood.

Butt goats.

On the way home, political campaigning.

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