Forest in My Heart

I was surprised how many people were at Bulgwang Stream.

Also impressed to find this church not crowded.

I had to climb a fence to get into this one very colourful yard of spring flowers.

Anyone need a bidet?

The interior was in bad shape.

They really converted this building into an art gallery.

I know some friends made it inside this place a few days earlier, but I wasn't feeling like jumping the gate.

The interior had been interesting at one point.

There was a cluster of similar houses around here.

I climbed onto a roof to get this picture.

I foudn a box of university textbooks.

Weird thing to shower in.

Looks like a number for a moving company.

Alarms, no longer active.

This room was very dark.

Same with this one.

Not this one.

The kitchen sink.

Interesting to see stairs in the kitchen.

I was curious about that one caved-in roof.

This is the top floor of this building.

Through the small door, there was bedding, but I doubt anyone was using it for sleeping.

The kitchen under the stairs is colourful.

Kind of a weird thing to do with bricks.

Another kitchen under the stairs.

View from the roof.

Under these stairs, I found entrances to the half-basement apartments.

Pretty tight space.

What the hell is that?

Oh, okay.

Game board?

Where I parked.

Bricks behind curtains.

There are the half-basement entrances.

Streets like this always remind me of Kaesong.

This house had a lot of cats, and none of them wanted me to get close.

They also were anti-Korea.

Some of their furniture.

And their toy bear.

Two cats run away from me.

I went to a different part of the area that was already under blankets.

Kind of a trippy entranceway.

I foudn an acoustic guitar in its case.

This is as close as I looked.

Not very easy moving through there, especially when there might be people on the other side.

Two small rooms.

A relatively old-fashioned kitchen.

Meanwhile, Bulgwang Stream still looks crowded.

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