Early Days of Abandonment

I drove past the Filipino market in Hyehwa.

Shortly after that, I noticed a bee sitting on my pant leg. I drove off the main road and stopped, swearing, in front of a mother and her baby. I managed to lure the bee off onto my phone, but it wouldn't leave that.

After several minutes, I got it off and it just sat on the street where a car would eventually run it over. So I picked it up again on a piece of paper and dropped it off in a park on the other side of the street.

Anyway, I was trying to find somewhere around here.

It's basically a big valley lined by highrises.

One of the universities is over there.

This house looks abandoned but no easy way down there.

I don't like this style of apartment.

I ran into Minnie Mouse lying in the alley.

A cat lured me down this very narrow alley.

Another view of the area.

I guess this must be a temple.

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