A description of a gate. I have no idea where the gate is though. Also, good placement of the seat.

I arrived in front of Pimatgol just as this woman biked by with her dog.

Anyway, here's the alley entrance, complete with historic sign.

Inside, they've started covering the ground with tarps. I think this might be the beginning of the archaeological dig.

The roof below seems to have an eviction protest.

This one looks damaged by fire.

And there's Pimatgol behind the metal fence. There was an old guy sitting in a chair behind a jewelry shop when I went by earlier.

I took pictures of the art on the glass in this closed bar or restaurant. Jongno 11-gil is the small alley running north from Jongno to the east of the YMCA, and I'm currently a little further east of that.

There's the YMCA.

Here's the front of the place. Note the lightbulb still on.

Wandering down Pimatgol again.

This is a demolished floor inside the demolition zone.

And this painting used to be inside a building, not on an outer wall.

You can see the fire damage more clearly.

And the exavator that's destroyed the area.

I liked the poorly formed window frames here.

This one is a great shape.

You can see a cornerstone and part of a wall. I'm not sure if it's part of whatever was just demolished, or if it was uncovered by demolition of a building over top.

They dug through layers of garbage.

This bowl looks relatively modern.

Looking back toward where I started.

A wider view showing all the digging.

And another of that interior wall.

Back in Pimatgol.

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