Looking from inside a Hanok to the madang.

The tiles on the gate have some interesting symbols, if you can read Japanese.

That's the structure.

Tiles from the actual house.

I found this painting leaning against a building.

These do not look appetising. Sweet potato pizza toast is an unappetising combination.

Never had one of these rice burgers before. They're probably worse.

Heavy demolition underway.

I'm curious about the building in the middle.

The sunlight was coming and going due to clouds.

The interior of the building I was in.

Nice bathroom mural.

Kind of grotesque on closer examination.

It looked bigger up here than it was.

Click for full size.

A closer look at the active demolition over there.

And the far end.

I'm curious what kind of church that is.

Click for full size.

I remember this Hanok from earlier. It's still there.

I got lost in this small corner of the area.

Some flowers.

And some mother of pearl.

And a guitar.

I remember those restaurants. That probably means Coffee Cum is still there.

This is a Pokemon right?

I liked the design of this one building.

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