I don't think I've come this way before.

Ryan knew his way around and brought us to a shaman's house.

Good labeling.

In a public sauna, we found art left on the walls.

The door was colourful. I made a reference that only one other member of our group could get.

I had seen this building from a distance a couple days earlier, and was wondering what it was doing still standing. I'd thought an evictee protest, but it looks like it's being used as an office for the workers.

A steep alley. The section I got to know best was up there.

Some iron bars gathered together.

I don't know what she was signaling here.

The road ahead.

A lot of attention was paid by our group to tiles. These blue and gold ones were a little different.

Anti Roh Moo-hyun graffiti.

What can I show you all my mind!

That cross pattern in the bricks.

Looking back the way we came.

Tiny Chum is apparently Hello Kitty's friend, but I'd never heard of it before.

I asked the Koreans with us if their parents allowed them to decorate walls at home as much as we've seen. One of them got to draw on windows.

We visited a Hanok.

The ceiling had been smashed in.

I had always thought the use of these crooked beams was a stylistic choice, but apparently the big difference was that after the Korean War, they no longer had access to the bigger, straighter wood from the North.

A light cube.

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