Meetup Part 2

Right after we said bye to JiHoon, we passed by a palace.

A lineup in a daycare, obviously abandoned before this year due to the close proximity.

An abandoned Buddhist temple.

All that was left was this one picture.

Too many pigeons.


We were just downhill from a tomb.

Look on his works ye mighty and despair.

These things were all over the place.

Would have made a good group photo if Sarah hadn't turned away.

The first area we walked through is on the other side of those tall buildings.

Closest we ever got to a full group photo.

Guess we can't go that way.

I stopped to admire the view here.

Then I remembered Suh-yoon and I had been stopped here on our first visit. We went to exactly the same window and looked out on the same view, and when we got back to my scooter a security guard on a scooter caught up to us.

Ryan is guilty.

In order to properly use the skateboard, he hands off his camera.

Here he goes!

A decent enough ollie considering the shape of the board.

The trucks were worn out.

The Ripper.

Time for another trick.

Didn't work for long.

We found a trail of these boxes leading out from the area. They were trying to lure stray cats away from the demolition.

They installed an extra staircase in this apartment, and to support it, check out the metal fence they added under it.

At the entrance, we found a painting of jangseung, appropriately enough.

There were a number of paintings, I'm assuming along a school wall.

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