Abandoned Neighbourhood

This was the first glimpse I got of the area.

This banner is for Sarang Jeil Church which is down that way.

I ran into this cat resting on a footstool.

I put out a can of cat food and another cat appeared from the garbage. They seemed like former housecats, but were afraid of me.

A child photo left in the garbage.

I have no idea what "Bible Land" they're talking about.

They had protest materials picturing Cho Kuk in prison and signs telling Moon Jae-in to step down. I feel bad for them they never got to experience the powerful movement of the anti-Park impeachment protests.

There is apparently a "world center" to Syngman Rhee somewhere.

A dog hole.

Lots of garbage everywhere. It smelled bad and there were lots of flies.

This sign seems to be instructing demolition workers to make a lot of noise to chase away any stray cats inside buildings before demolition.

I remember driving down this street years earlier, but can't find any pictures. I remember back then it seemed lively and colourful.

Across the road there was another neighbourhood already removed.

Click for full size.

I got on the roof of this building which was still open. The view was blocked by larger buildings behind it though.

A row of charming businesses.

This larger building was closed down.

Nice mural along with the meat pictures.

Some artist signed his work.

Yeah, this was the view from that roof. Not great.

Here's the traditional market running through the area.

I bought raspberries, cherries, and a slush here.

Hmm, something's happening at Seongbuk Stream.

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