I didn't want to get any closer. Here's a traffic mannequin being played by a real human.

It's blue hour and here's Seoul Station.

I had gone up because the KSale event was projecting images onto Sungnyemun. There seemed to be some event on the stage, and butterflies projected onto the wall. The text was too small to read from this distance.

In this shot the butterflies froze in place and shrunk down to nothing, and I got a slightly better projection of their shapes.

It was impressive-looking if a little tacky.

Looking over toward...well I'd use place names, but it kind of dosen't matter nwo that everything's being replaced with highrises.

Back to Seoul Station as it got a little darker.

And there's Seosomun Park.

Looking up the road to Malli-dong leading toward Gongdeok and Yeouido.

One last-last look at Seoul Station.

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