There used to be a Subway here, about two months ago. Good thing they were shut down, because clearly there were a lot of urgent uses for the space.

In the corner of this entrance to a Nonghyup Bank, thereis a small built-in kiosk where an Iraqi runs a kebab shop.

I showed up around 1:36 and the owner was busy praying inside. So I stayed back and waited, taking this picture.

Here he is back in action. He has chicken meat on a skewer like this, but prepares lamb a different way. You can see how it is shaped in the menu.

I had the royal kebab at his insistence. It is basically a chicken kebab with slices of American cheese, an ironic combination.

He was praying on a mat inside this space, but there actually is a prayer room somewhere in the building that is available to people coming by, probably Muslim tourists mostly.

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