Early Morning at Noryangjin

Click for full size. There's the fortified overpass between Noryangjin Station and the now-demolished market building.

Here it looks like it connects with the new building.

There was still a protest village out front.

I couldn't really get any sort of good view of the whole overpass from here. To the left off-frame was an entryway part where several elderly women were enjoying the morning.

They have had a lot of cats on their side.

Here's a look up at the overpass.

And a banner that seems to be made by students.

Here's how the station looks from high up above. I wish I'd gone up here before everything was destroyed.

In the other direction, it was just a wall of buildings.

A closer look at the area in front of the station.

And there's the new market building.

A closer look. And with Trump World ominously in the background.

Having driven from there to here, they really are nearby. Just not really a good direct route.

An old rooftop vending machine.

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