Searching for Inwangsan's Tigers

I reached the end of the mountain road and came down near Jahamun. When I saw this at the side of the road, I had to double back.

The way up.

Here's how the house looks up close.

The building materials are old and poor.

Here's the washroom.

Skinny stairs up to the second level.

The floor structure looked different from what I've seen in later or earlier buildings.

The view out the window is pretty consequential.

This is what the second floor is like. Fairly small rooms.

The ceiling was low-quality wood and those little white spools are for running electrical wires.

A pipe embedded in the concrete. Ondol?

A look at the brickwork.

The wallpaper has been torn quite a bit.

This centerbeam apparently identifies this as a 1959 building.

Not in good shape.

Not sure why this water tank was here. Laundry maybe?

A nice calming view.

Narrow doors.

Narrow stairs.

Something used to hang here.

Another look at the washroom.

An abandoned doghouse.

Elsewhere in Seochon, I found this nice villa.

Except for that pretty severe roof damage.

Here's a map of the area. Somewhere, there are shamanistic bas reliefs hiding.

A big bright orange roof on my way down.

Something about this amused me.

Later back at my office, I noticed this weird yellowish creature that was some sort of crab-spider at my desk. When I went to photograph it, there was an equally coloured severed appendage on my camera screen. I believe this thing was a stowaway from when I set my bag down on Inwangsan.

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