Reseters Digital Single Release

I showed up just as they were playing "Like Adam and Eve." I have to admit, it's a lot more exciting in person with the crowd singing along.

Jeong-seok was there filming also.

Here's a crowd shot. Mask compliance isn't perfect but it's high. Though that's not why I took the picture.

I kind of don't like how SHARP's lights make everyone purple. To hell with purple people.

She had a very interesting dress, and there were a few others there dressed similarly.

As revealed in the upcoming Broke 28, here is the only guy I know in the scene who doesn't care for animals.

I wasn't the only one who said this was my first duipuli this year.

There were so many guys wearing Hawaiian shirts, I told them maybe they should go across the street.

Also note, the door was open to improve air quality which is highly likely to help fight infection.

The owner of this place was really happy to see the punk scene returned. I noted all the stickers on his table. Also, when I was handing out zines, he really wanted one so I gave it to him. He'll be able to read about some of the bands that come to his restaurant.

I said goodbye a little early and left.

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