Every time I go to the hospital, they clear me through quarantine procedures and give me a sticker. They vary by day of the week, with one for Saturday/Sunday. When this started, they used happy faces for Monday and Tuesday, but later added the actual days. I'm a proud collector of a complete set posting these on my front door, and I'm working on adding duplicates to my work computer.

Millie is bothered by me staying outside the door.

Here is one of the quarantine questionnaires Severance makes you fill out. It asks among other things if you've been abroad in the past 14 days, or to Daegu or North Gyeongsang Province, and if you've visited any high-risk places including church gatherings. Surprised nobody's ever cried descrimination over that.

I went to the hospital and found an English version that shows the entire contents. There have been various different versions but they've all been mentioning the religious gatherings for months now.

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