Haenhwatang Noryangjin Event

I saw this place while driving along thanks to kids playing with a yoyo inside. I believe they are part of the samulnori band that played right before I arrived.

I arrived midway through Seth Mountain's set.

After a few songs they turned off the house lights so the only light was coming from the floor in front of them.

The building has a lot of character. I'm assuming it really was a sauna but I'm curious how old. Guessing postwar, late 1950s? I'm no JiHoon though.

They had the lyrics to a Utah Phillips song translated to Korean. Oddly the first Google result when searching for the song is a live Seth Mountain track.

Next was a pianist who goes by the name Malgun (clear).

Yoyo kid comes to watch.

I ran into Tom and family, and saw a chance to get another family portrait a little more than a year after the last one. Yeah, the kid has grown.

I decided to support the venue by buying a brownie. Somehow the sauna symbol looks more like a three-eyed happy face.

One of the doors to the music area.

A snowman.

One of the Noryangjin protesters speaks.

Looking at this picture the next day, I wonder why she had a water gun.

The next act was Lazyblood, a solo folk musician.

One of Lee Nan-young's portraits showing the female Noryangjin vendors.

Behind the concert room was this chamber where a few more art pieces and TV displays were set up.

Ana gave a brief speech about her poetry on display, which is about the cats of Noryangjin.

Last was Jinu Konda who sang all covers in a distinctly alt-country style.

It was the only shot from this angle that wasn't blurred. Say what you want but I think it's a great face.

Another one of the Noryangjin protesters spoke.

Then Kyungha ended the show with a quick farewell.

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