They look tasty.

Here's a view of part of Seun Sangga, looking more at the neighbourhood in front.

Click for full size.

That house is in bad shape.

Lots of ducts on that building.

This one was a live music club.

A better vantage point down on the ground.

Someone left their three flags.

I thinmk I remember him from Final Fantasy 1.

This is about all I found in one building.

The view is blocked by newer buildings. I think the picture I saw was taken from the yellowish building on the left, or possibly what stood there earlier. Click for full size.

In the other direction was Jungbu Market. Click for full size. I believe I've driven through there, Blues Brothers-style.

Looking toward Seun Sangga. I like that little white tent.

It was raining lightly at the time.

A closer look at the market.

Other side.

Morning Sky.

A closer look at that twisty part. Click for full size.

Might try that one when conditions are better.

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