Hongje Stream

I think I photographed these last year.

I was curious about the building next to the gas station.

Here's a place I visited last about five years ago. It used to be easy to climb under and go into the tunnel. Now it's even easier.

This looks new.

They've cleaned up the ground and even put in signs for visitors.

Wow, a manhole.

The lighting is like an art gallery.

There are several parallel passages through the tunnel, most of which are lit up in different ways.

The other side has a bike path.

The one I'm on seems more interesting and has art.

Right down the middle is this light tunnel.

As soon as I got in position, the light show stopped.

With no guy.

The light show now featuerd these slowly moving light shapes.

By the time I got to the other end, the light show started up again.

This is the main passage.

Useful but less interesting.

This is the far entrance.

There were two ducks in the stream, one I photographed standing on a rock.

Couples photo.

The light show started again right when I was near the right spot.

The lights are pretty dynamic and change colour.

Here you can tell the colours are changing in sequence along the line.

This large mural was designed by elementary students for what they thought the tunnel should be like. Lots of animals.

There's a new exit right in the middle.

We went up to the market.

Then we ate at a market stall that had very good sujebi.

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