The Bone Tunnel is almost bone dry. The level of drainage from central Seoul (particularly Namsan, Inwangsan) isn't high. It could just mean the rain is being sponged up by tree-covered mountains, or subway drainage is working.

Down by the river, the water level is much higher. You can see the railings of Mancho Bridge under the overpass. Normally I could stand under that bridge without hitting my head. Also note the yellow barrier that I'm guessing is filtering out big debris. Maybe they don't want anything too big going into the stream, or they're afraid what will come out. This is how Hosts are made.

This is as close as I got.

You can see the bridge better here.

And now the rain gets heavier.

I believe a cat lives in the grass.

The elevator was turned off so most people just watched from here.

One last look.

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